2.2.3 Binary Installer for Windows

Run the following installers, if you have not done so:

  1. python-2.5.1.msi.
  2. numpy-1.0.3.win32-py2.5.exe.
  3. qt-win-opensource-4.2.3-mingw.exe.
    Let the Qt installer install MinGW if for instance Dev-C++ has not been installed before Qt.
  4. PyQt-gpl-4.2-Py2.5-Qt4.2.3.exe.
    Make sure that you can run the PyQt examples by tweaking the environment variable PATH.
  5. Install PyQwt3D-0.1.6-Python2.5-Qt4.2.3-PyQt-4.2-NumPy1.0.3.exe.