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PyQwt3D Examples demonstrates

Micha Bieber's comparison of gl2ps vector output formats helps you to make your choice. The SVG format handles text approximately as well as the PDF format.


  • saving to a SVG file requires at least PyQwt3D-0.1.5.
  • the pixmap images look even better with a truetype font than with the default Courier font. demonstrates
  • how to subclass the Function and SurfacePlot classes

SimplePlot Widget demonstrates
  • how to fill a NumPy array for use with the SurfacePlot class.
  • how to enable tracing of the SIP generated bindings; this is useful when you start to write your own SIP interface specification files.

DataPlot Widget demonstrates
  • how to subclass the ParametricSurface and SurfacePlot classes

DataPlot Widget demonstrates
  • how to subclass the VertexEnrichment class
  • how to use the Qwt3D.OpenGL module

Enrichment Demo Widget

Help to stop software patents

Free software and small and/or medium sized software companies are threatened by patents on algorithms and business methods.

  1. Read this excellent explanation of the devastating effects of software patents on software (users!) and software development (developers!)
  2. Read how the European Commission and the patent lobby are still trying to introduce software patents
  3. Support the Patent Busting Project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the USA